Which type of lamp can I use with your smart devices?

Tue, 04/19/2016 - 11:45 - webee.support

The type of lamps that you can use with Webee smart devices vary by device. Please find bellow the details for each one of them:

  • Switchee: 1200W General Purpose
  • Switchee Dimmer: 1200W Incandescent
  • Plugee On/Off: 1200W General Purpose
  • Plugee Dimmer:  300W Incandescent
  • Smart Lamp Module: 300W Incandescent
  • Smart Plug: 1400W General Purpose /300W Incandescent Dimmer 
  • Smart Switch Dimmer:
    • 120 VAC 480W Incandescent 
    • 120 VAC 480W Halogen 
    • 120 VAC 480W Fluorescent 
    • 120 VAC 480W Dimmable LED 
  • Smart Switch Relay:
    • 120 VAC 1000 W Halogen 
    • 120 VAC 1000 W Fluorescent 


Please notice that the dimmer function will work only with dimmer light bulbs, incandescent lights or halogen lights. 

The dimmer function can't be use on low-energy bulbs.


If you still have questions or would like to check on a specific type of lamp, please contact us at support@webeelife.com.