How to use my Environment Dashboard?

Thu, 02/25/2016 - 16:20 -
With your Environment Dashboard you can monitor your home at all times.
Control Temperature, Humidity and Luminosity levels to keep your home safe and efficient.
  • Learn exactly the levels of temperature, luminosity and humidity per hour detected by your sensors.
  • Prevent fires by detecting on time a raise on temperature.
  • Prevent floods by detecting on time a raise on humidity.
  • Measure level of luminosity throughout the day to start saving energy scheduling your lights to match the nighttime.
Learn how to use your Environment Dashboard following the steps bellow:
1- Access your Webee app on your TV, select Reports and navigate to the Environment console. 2- On the Environment Dashboard you can see the levels of humidity, temperature and luminosity detected on a given period.

3- Start by clicking on the Room field to select if you want to check each room individually or if you want to check all rooms at once. 3- Click on the Calendar field to determine the time period that you want to check.
6- Select which environment option you want to check, you can also select two at once to compare them. 7- Use the magnifying glasses to expand or collapse the number of days showing on your view, or click and hold on the chart to scroll to the sides.

8- Click on the bar bellow to access the Environment detail hourly from that date. Click on another spot of the chart to change the date.

9- On the next screen, you can check the levels of humidity, temperature and luminosity detected hourly. Select which environmental option you want to check and click on the chart to learn the level detected by each sensor. You can now start monitoring your home at all times, using the Environment Dashboard on your Smartee, making your home safer and more efficient!