How to use my Energy Dashboard?

Thu, 02/25/2016 - 14:50 -

On your Energy Dashboard you can track energy consumption to add efficiency to your home:

  • Learn exactly how much each device consume to discover patterns in usage.
  • Optimize your thermostat settings by discovering downtime.
  • Schedule heavy energy usage chores for off-peak rates.
  • Compare between different periods of time to evaluate modifications on your devices usage.
Learn how to use your Energy Dashboard following the steps bellow:
1- Access your Webee app on your TV and navigate to the Energy console. 2- On your Energy Dashboard you can see the amount of energy used and saved in a given period of time.

3- Start by clicking on the calendar field to determine the time period that you would like to review. 4- Once the information is displayed for the selected period, click on a column to compare the energy usage with the previous day. The dots indicate the previous day energy consumption while the colored numbers indicate the same date energy consumption.

5- Click on the bar bellow to access the energy consumption detail from that date. Click on a different column to change the date. 6- On the next screen you can compare the energy used by each of your devices. You can now start tracking energy consumption on your Smartee and start using your smart devices more efficiently.