How to Add Smart Plug to Smartee

Fri, 07/22/2016 - 14:35 - pia day

To add Smart Plug to Smartee follow these simple steps:

1- Tap on "Search & Add Devices" on your Webee App. 

TV Dashboard - Add Device Mobile App- Add Device Web Desktop App Add Device

2- Plug the Smart Plug into a receptacle and it will immediately begin searching for the Smartee network to join.

If the Smart Plug does not automatically join the network:

1- Unplug any devices from the Smart Plug and unplug it from the wall.

2- Hold the on/off button while plugging it back into the wall. Hold the button until the status LED turns on.

3- Tap on "Search & Add Devices" on your Webee App.

4- Upon a successful joining of the Smart Plug to the ZigBee network of your Smartee, the status LED will become static.

Additional considerations:

  • Make sure the Smart Plug is powered up. If the receptacle is powered by a wall switch, the wall switch must be kept ON at all times for the module to operate properly.
  • Ensure it is within range of a Smartee (30-90 feet indoor)