1. The best part of the ultimate all-in-one smart home

    By admin, Tue, 03 Feb 2015

    You get a knock on the door, it’s the mailman with your Webee kit. You open the box (how nice it is to peel off the plastic to unveil the newness! right?) and after just a few minutes, you are ready to go. Except you realize that it’s even nicer because on top of installing a system that lets you optimize the way you interact with your daily objects you also get to turn your TV into a smart TV box.

  2. Calling something Smart doesn’t make it so

    By lucas.m.funes, Thu, 02 Jan 2014

    For the last couple of years, we have seen the beauty of Internet of Things bring many options to improve our lives in different ways. Smart Home systems arouse with low cost solutions, allowing users for the first time to access the possibility of connecting and controlling different home functions remotely.