What we learned from TechCrunch Disrupt 2015

By ceci, Thu, 08 Oct 2015

I will start with a spoiler alert: You will not find a technology review on this article.

I want to share some thoughts about our recent participation in TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. Our team was invited by the Argentinean Consulate to participate in the StartUp Alley to showcase our product and share Webee´s idea of the future of connected things.

It is always an energizing experience to connect with entrepreneurs in an innovative environment, even if they are focused in different areas or industries, there is always a way we can relay with each other.

It was a revitalizing; we´ve collected tons of good feedback and ideas from piers, capital investors, analysts, along with the creation and strengthening of our network. That said, the most important take away for our team, was the remembrance of the essence of entrepreneurship in such a competitive and fast moving world.

This environment remind us of that one thing that make us who we are, and allowed many of the great inventions overtime to succeed: Passion. The spirit that should always remain within any group of people working hard to create a company and turn any idea into life. The passion we put in any endeavor or new idea we embrace as a team, to continue moving, trying, testing and overcoming the business challenges in such a competitive world. The only thing that will make any journey truly worth it.

It is so easy to forget what brought us here as entrepreneurs when we face so many encounters every day: change, trends, financial difficulties, competitive challenges, speed. We strongly believe that if you provide your team with the right amount of passion, they will indeed find a way to overcome difficulties, pivot and keep moving towards the goal.

You thought we were going to give you a tech review? Well, for us this is even more important. We are committed to contribute to change the world of connected things and just share with you a little secret on how we work to make it possible.

Ana, operations at Webee Team.  




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