Butlers, let your devices work on their own.

By webee.support, Mon, 15 Feb 2016

Butlers are a simple way to configure your devices so they can work on their own. 
You can automate them to perform actions automatically based on different setups, such as activity, time.

For example: If motion is detected inside home during night time, you can set the lights to be turned automatically, or when the front door is unlocked at an specific time, lights automatically can be turned on.
Butlers are ready to be programed using your Webee TV App, soon to be available on your mobile device as well.

Follow these simple steps to set your Butlers:

1- On your Webee TV app navigate to the Butler Section 2- Click to create a new Butler.

3- Name your Butler, then click Next. 4- Select the device that will trigger the action on other devices. For example, if Butler detects motion from your motion sensor your lights will turn on.

5- Configure which device attribute will work as a trigger. For example when motion sensor is Active. Click Ok to continue to next step. 6- Once the device is configured, click Next to set up date and time for your Butler to activate.

7- Select time and date for the Butler to activate. Click Next to select the device that will be trigger by this Butler. 8- Select the device. For example, you can selected the Smart Lamp that controls the kid's bathroom light, so lights will turn on when motion is detected.

9- Configure the device attribute that will be activated by the Butler. For example when motion sensor detects motion, the Smart Lamp will turn on and dim at 30%. Click Ok to continue. 10- Once the action is set up, you can add more actions or you can add a Scene to be trigger by the Butler.

10- Select the Scene that you want to execute when the Butler activates. Perhaps all your doors will be locked when motion is detected. The Scene should have been previously created, check here to learn how. 11- Click Finish to complete the set up. You will now see the butler created on your Butler console. By clicking on it you can access to edit, enable/disable or delete the butler at any time.